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This is a very common and widely-distributed rock-forming mineral with highly variable forms and colors.. It is a key constituent of limestone and marble.

The name calcite comes from a Greek word meaning lime. This comes from its chemical component, Calcium Carbonate, which sometimes is mistakenly known as "lime." CALCITE is a carbonate of lime (CaCo3).It consists of 56.037% of CaO, 43.963 % of CO2. Calcite is a naturally occurring “Calcium Carbonate” containing more than 98% CaCO3. it is a crystalline variety of Calcium Carbonate and occurs in Rhombohedra form. It is usually white in color, it can easily be distinguished by its Rhomboheral form and cleavage from Barytes by its low specific gravity.

Chemical Formula: CaCO3 

Chemical Composition
Sr. no. Component Percentage
1. CaCO3 96.5
2. MgCO3 1.0  
3. SiO2 2.01
4. Fe2O3 0.03
5. Al2O4 0.07
6. Water Soluble Salts 0.15


  • Exhibits phenomenon of double-refraction;

  • Its high reactivity with even weak acids , such as vinegar, plus its prominent cleavage in most varieties.
  • Dissolves readily (with effervescence) in cold dilute hydrochloric acid

  • One of the main metaphysical characteristics of calcite is its property of energy amplification.

  • Is best recognized by its relatively low hardness (H = 3)

Formation and Occurrence

Found in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.

Found in most geologic settings and as a later forming replacement mineral in most other environments in one form or another, it is most common as massive material in limestone's and marbles. It forms as chemical sedimentary deposits as limestone, can be regionally or contact metamorphosed into marbles and rarely forms igneous rocks (carbonatites). Also is a common gangue mineral in hydrothermal deposits.

Applications of Calcite
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